Jane is Confroted - Big Little Lies
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It's morning, and Madeline had a dream that she went to a cliff over which Renata pushed her. 

At the shooting range, Dumbledore spots Jane, and she's a deadeye dick.

Jane assures Madeline she has no desire to shoot the dude they found who might be Saxon Banks.

Renata panics when she finds a bite mark on Amabella's shoulder. While Renata yells, Gordon takes the soft approach. Amabella is a kind little girl. Whoever is hurting her might be hurting other people. She doesn't want that, right?

Madeline texts Celeste as she's having wild torrid sex and gets the idea maybe she should have it with Ed. When she eyes him, he says, "don't use the downstairs bathroom, honey," Madeline rolls her eyes and turns away.

Gordon and Renata are in full meltdown mode, arguing that one or the other isn't concerned enough about how hurt Amabella has been. 

Ed and Mad try their version of wild sex, which goes poorly and is interrupted by Chloe.

Then she calls Dumbledore for some reason, and he hangs up on her.

Sex gone, so Madeline chats with Ed about what she started with Jane.

Jane gets a call from Emily at Otter Bay School. There's a problem. Jane has to go meet with Ms. Barnes. Madeline tells Celeste she might have to be a lawyer again.

Celeste doesn't think it's a good week to go to San Louis Obisbo. 

Theater guy goes to the cafe to speak to Madeline. He wants to know where he stands. She just wants him to take her back. He's rambling on about having feelings and an accident in front of them comes flying onto their car.

Celeste and Perry have a family moment.

Does Ed believe what's going down with Madeline and Joseph?

Jane is at the school being questioned by Ms. Barnes and the principal. 

Renata comes in as the snarky bitch, but Gordon kindly introduces himself. 

Madeline visits Joseph, admitting she was letting her feelings get the better of her because of recent events in her life and her concern that what happened in the past was going to get out.

Celeste goes to see the doctor. She wants so badly to say what's going on, but she keeps throwing herself into the mix. The doctor says "he hurts you" and Celeste won't allow herself to be called a victim.

Madeline is realizing how important Ed is to her.

Jane takes off for San Luis Obispo.

Celeste is absolutely certain the boys have no idea and that they live in a happy household.

Jane finds herself in Saxon's business office, calling herself Ms. Wright. She watches him pour water, trying to connect it with how her rapist poured champagne. At the same time, Celeste leaves the office, screaming. Jane runs out screaming.

Celeste takes the kids to the airport to greet Perry. He's bawling again. As usual.

Jane is speeding and sirens come up from behind.

Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Doctor: We can do a CAT scan just to make sure.
Madeline: I'm not going to expose myself to unnecessary radiation just to keep your premiums down.

Joseph: I know you have feelings for me.
Madeline: Well if you know that, then just cling to that.