Preparing for City Council - Big Little Lies
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Madeline and Nathan meet about scheduling a dinner to talk about the parenting transition with Abigail. Nathan is falling off his rocker. He would rather have an electric eel shoved up his ass than sit down to dinner with her and Ed, but that's how amazing he is now.

Meanwhile, Perry finds out Celeste is "practicing law" again without having a conversation with him about it. She wonders if he'll hit her now. Does she want him to, he asks?

Madeline arrives home to Ed fully dressed in Elvis gear practicing his karaoke. Chloe thinks he should sing Pocketful of Rainbows.

Jane is imagining running down the beach again, and she's given a great start when Ziggy walks up to her in his sleep again. Ziggy is still asking about his dad.

Perry is concerned about her stress level. She wasn't able to get pregnant because of the anxiety. She gets angry when he tries to control her. He says he's not trying to, but suddenly he wants to have another baby. A daughter. 

Jane and Madeline are talking about Jane's life and the possibility of moving back to where she came from. Jane and Celeste don't want her to go.

Ed goes to see Bonnie at her studio to talk about the two of them keeping the peace at the dinner. He eyes other women as they walk by.

The teacher wonders if someone is still hurting Amabella when she doesn't sing during class. She admits she's friends with Ziggy and they get along well.

The Mayor of Monterey isn't who we'd expect. Renata keeps laughing at his ridiculous words and suggests Sound of Music. Celeste is really good, reminding everyone they don't want to be known as the town who suppresses and doesn't support free speech.

Celeste finds herself upset afterward because she missed the feeling she had when she was in there fighting for something she believed in. Madeline said Celeste's whole demeanor changed while she was in there, and it's obvious she misses it.

When Jane meets with the teacher, she is very angry that Ziggy might know something about Amabella's torturer.

Madeline met with Joseph about the play, and he kissed her and said he loved her. While she's telling Celeste the details, Celeste began giggling like crazy. 

Perry is accosted by the kids who want to show them noseslides on their skateboards. He wanted to chill with mommy and funny Maddie, but Celeste urges him to go with the boys so she can finish her discussion with Maddie.

Jane has a nice day with Ziggy to butter him up before telling him about the child psychologist.

Nathan wants to get out of Monterey. But he's not really serious.

Madeline feels like she's losing control a little bit. She can't explain it.

Perry is violently angry he's not fully controlling Celeste so he begins to strangle her when one of the boys walks in, saving her a lot of bruises before her latest meeting.

Jane is relieved to find Ziggy isn't a bully, nor does he show any classic signs of a bully. He also demonstrates empathy. She thinks Ziggy may be bullied. He also thinks his father might be darth vader. She's thinks he's a caring, sweet little boy.

Joseph follows Madeline to apologize. It didn't happen. It's been erased. 

Celeste didn't have another meeting on the play. She's visiting the therapist hoping for find the best way to communicate with him about going back to work. Celeste refuses to admit she's afraid to talk to Perry, but only wants to communicate it in the best way possible. 

The Greek Chorus thinks the week leading up to the party Celeste changed. The look on her face was like she could kill someone.

Madeline shows what she discovered about Saxon Banks to Jane. Jane goes to target practice and imagines shooting him in the head several times.

She drops to the floor crying.


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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It's actually really weird. Ever since I told you about Ziggy's dad, it's like this thing is happening to my body. Like it's waking up again.


Bonnie: Hi.
Ed: Hi. I just love sweat on women. Sorry. That was just a general statement.