Celeste Is Conflicted - Big Little Lies
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Bonnie flashes back to the moment Perry died. 

Madeline and Ed go to couples consoling due to Madeline's affair. 

Bonnie flashes back to a time as a child when her mother forced her underwater to learn how to hold her breath. 

Madeline tells Celeste about when she caught her father cheating on her mother and lost her trust in marriage. 

Mary Louise approaches Jane and asks for a blood test to prove that Perry is Ziggy's father, but Jane refuses. 

While discussing "Charlotte's Web" Ziggy tells his class that grownups lie to protect the people they love. 

Amabella has an anxiety attack at school and Renata rushes to the hospital to see her. Renata and Gordon discover that Amabella is worried about climate change and Gordon going to jail. 

Mary Louise goes to the detective handling Perry's case and asks if she believes his death was an accident. 

Celeste goes to her therapist and she asks her if her bruises are self-inflicted. Celeste denies the accusation. 

Jane and Corey go on a date. He tries to kiss her but she jumps back and tells him she needs to be in neutral for a while. 

Celeste sees her kids watching videos of Perry with Mary Louise and joins them. 

Mary Louise sees Ziggy and realizes he is Perry's son. She tells Jane she wants to be in Ziggy's life. Mary Louis tries to find a way to explain her son's assault on Jane and asks Jane questions about that night. 

Madeline approaches Bonnie and Ed who she sees having coffee together. Ed tells Madeline he'll be mad at her for as long as he wants to be. 

Celeste tells Madeline that she wishes she told her about Perry's abuse because she would have helped her. 

Renata complains to the school about telling the kids about climate change. She and Madeline go to get a coffee and run into Mary Louise. 

Jane sees Bonnie at the beach while Corey is teaching Ziggy how to surf. Bonnie tells Jane she should tell Corey about her history. 

Gordon tells Renata that both he and Amabella can tell that something is going on with her. 

The parents attend an assembly to discuss the school's decision to teach the kids about climate change. Madeline gives a speech against it and ends up talking about how there are no happy endings in life. She cries and storms out of the auditorium. 

Celeste finds Mary Louise snooping through her things and tells her to find somewhere else to stay. 

Corey hugs Jane goodnight and they end up dancing. 

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary Louise: I'm presented with the idea that my son was both an adulterer and a rapist. And I am desperate to squash that idea.
Jane: Well, I can tell you that he's the only man I'd been with.
Mary Louise: That you recall.
Jane: Excuse me?
Mary Louise: Well, things happen these days. Men put drugs in pretty girls drinks and things happen, people don't remember things sometimes.
Jane: I remember. Perfectly. Far more vividly than I care to.
Mary Louise: Just a simple blood test.
Jane: No.

She has always had my attention. Devotion on my end has not been a problem.