Mary Louise Knows - Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 4
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The episode starts at the fundraiser again. This time, it's Madeline dreaming about it.

All of the kids are at her house carving pumpkins.

Madleine is smoking to relieve stress. It's not just Ed, but everything that is fucked. Jane doesn't understand why Renata doesn't leave Gordon, but Renata assures her that's what they do. They stay.

Mary Louise shows up at the house with a cake. It's a girls' day when they're all sharing about their stress, but Mary Louise ruins it.

Mary Louise has gotten a unit in Jane's building. She can't wait to have all of the grandchildren with her for stayovers.

Celeste pulls up Mary Louise for her behavior. But Mary Louise sees nothing wrong with it. When she claims if there is one, there are others, Celeste slaps her across the face so hard her glasses fly off.

Ed gets home to the pumpkin carving mess. Madeline is in a tizzy about the amount of stuff people have to do. He can't understand the difference in her behaviors.

Bonnie is on the beach recalling the looks on Mary Louise's face.

Celeste meets Mary Louise for coffee. Mary Louise is worried about the boys. Celeste seems unwell, erratic. Celeste snapped, Mary Louise says. They discuss grief and the accident after which her husband left and started a new life.

Madeline wants to go to a couples retreat in Big Sur, but Ed is unresponsive.

Chloe is doing a school project for opposites day. A door and Madeline. Unhinged.

Bankruptcy court is a leveling experience for Renata. The judge is in control and wants to know what the $4200 charge is for the lab.

He wants to know if anyone stands to inherit from thier families, and takes Gordon's watch and the wedding ring right off of Renata's finger.

The Tesla they drove in will not be what takes them home.

It's Amabella's disco birthday party and there will be magic and pure unmitigated joy.

While everyone is at the birthday party, Mary Louise is getting a list of the best family law attorneys. If Mary Louise calls all of them first, then Celeste won't be able to touch them.

Bonnie asks Celeste what Mary Louise knows. The two talk over Madeline's protests that they should never have gone along with the lie.

Meanwhile, Gordon wonders if Renata will ever forgive him, but she can't stop thinking about all the plans she had for her daughter going to shit.

Celeste watches Jane as Jane dances with Corey before she begins to remember the rape.

Bonnie's mother thinks the energy is weird, and she tries to read her in the middle of the party.

Ed won't dance with Madeline because he's sick of the pretending they all do.

When Nathan suggests he understands what Ed's going through, the two men begin a brawl.

Ira Farber reminds Mary Louise the kids won't like her.

The Trammps are singing Disco Inferno.

Jane tells Corey about her rape. He takes her hand.

The party is over. Elizabeth takes Renata's hand on the way out and falls to the floor.

Elizabeth is having a siezure. No, it's a stroke.

She needs the carotid artery in her neck cleaned out.

Madeline asks Ed to get it over with if he's leaving her.

Jane tells Celeste about dancing earlier with Corey. She wonders if Perry ever raped Celeste. Celeste says no, he didn't.

Bonnie recalls other times Elizabeth felt her and saw something. Her dad arrives. He wonders if Bonnie said something to cause it.

Mary Louise has the boys for pizza and the night. Celeste has no idea she's allowing them to go with the enemy.

Madeline tries to make love to Ed, but he pulls away.

She beings recalling the dude with whom she had an affair.

At the hospital, the detective is in the lobby, and Bonnie approaches... Really? What the fuck? She screams before Jane pulls her away.

When Mary Louise takes the boys home, Celeste is out of it. A dude walks out of the bedroom -- the bartender from the bar. Joe.

Celeste recalls sex with both Joe and imagines Perry watching from the mirror.

She took another ambien and didn't even remember Joe was in the house until he walked out.

Mary Louise thinks Celeste needs to take some real time to heal and that Max and Josh should reside with her.

After Mary Louise demands to do what's best for the boys, she hands Celeste a petition.

Renata tells Madeline that she would have gotten Celeste Ira Farber, but Mary Louise already go him.

The detective saunters up and chats about how well they look. She also congratulates Madeline on the great speech she gave at Otter Bay.

Jane wants to know if Mary Louise is going to try to take her kid next. Mary Louise thinks Jane is a great mother, but Celeste is not. She's taking a lot of drugs and then driving. Is it OK for her to put Ziggy into the car?

Celeste is at the doctor's worried she cannot handle what's coming and wondering if she can even trust the doctor. She knows the way these things play out. Nobody wins, but Celeste will not settle.

Elizabeth wakes. She cannot speak. Her face is palsied. When Bonnie touches her, she sees Bonnie floating face down in the ocean, eyes wide open.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

It's better than sitting around the penniless losers as if that's not us.


Renata: What are you doing?
Madeline: Smoking. I hate smoking.
Renata: Nobody smokes anymore.
Madeline: I'm just trying to manage my stress.