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The Monterey Five are a part of the opening together now.

All of the women are plagued by the night at the fundraiser. The ocean calls to them all with its raging waters.

Celeste has a nightmare that encompassed it all but also includes Jane at the foot of her hospital bed with Perry at her side. Mary Louise wakes Celeste. She wants to know what her nightmare was about. Celeste said "rape." 

The detective is reviewing the footage from the night of the fundraiser with a beaten Celeste staring at the camera breathing to center herself.

It's the first day of school with everything that entails.

Chloe is playing I'll Be There as the mothers reunite before a stupid assembly for wonderful, wonderful, Otter Bay.

Warren picks the fundraiser death scab with Madeline.

Madeline learns from Nathan that Bonnie has been shut down and withdrawn for a while now. Madeline's selling houses and seems without a care in the world.

Renatta gives the new teacher her speech about being wealthy and entitled and his need to ensure Amabella isn't bullied again this year.

Madeline shares with Celeste her thoughts on Bonnie. They're going to have to talk with her.

Madeline and Mary Louise butt heads.

Ed runs into Tori at the grocery store. He doesn't recognize her. It's her nose, she says, she always wanted it fixed, so she got her boobs done and now nobody recognizes her face.

Celeste is at the Doctor's talking about Mary Louise and school and her dreams. She became a monster in her dreams strangling Perry and screaming at him. She still feels responsible for the accident. That she chose that night to tell Perry about leaving him and didn't do it sooner makes her to blame. The doctor disagrees.

Nathan confronts Bonnie about her recent behavior. She needs some space.

Jane works at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She talks about creatures with children. It's then she meets a young man who has an answer she doesn't.

Nathan finds Ed and asks him to take Bonnie to lunch. He gets Madeline better than he ever did, so he thinks Ed can get through to her. Ed disagrees and it results in Nathan calling him a snide fuck. Many times.

Renatta is arriving home.

Madeline is talking on the phone instead of helping her clients who tell her to get off the phone.

Renatta is getting a photo shoot for Women in Power in a magazine. She's sporting a shiny red dress and singing "It's my house, and I live here."

Gordon goes to play with trains.

Madeline, Nathan, and Abigail are meeting with a college advisor. Abigail doesn't have good prospects, and Madeline tries to talk the guy into Abigail when Abigail declares she's not attending college.

Madeline explodes at Nathan.

Meanwhile Celeste is recalling sex with Perry.

Mary Louise is at the real estate office looking for a flat. Mary Louise notes Madeline is wearing heels. When Madeline tells Mary Louise that she didn't appreciate getting treated as she was, Mary Louise notes that Madeline reminds her of an itty bitty girl she knew in college who had a big, bubbly personality to disguise that she was so vapid.

Jane is dancing on the beach.

The guy from the aquarium comes to surf. He asks if she's on the spectrum. He admits he probably is. He thinks she needs to act normal because parents don't like to entrust their kids to psychos. After all, she knows how people talk since she's one of the Monterey Five.

Renatta shares with Jane, Madeline, and Celeste that the case isn't closed closed, but the police got nothing.

Madeline visits Bonnie. Where was she? They were waiting for her at the beach. Madeline wonders if Bonnie is alright. Bonnie wonders if she even cares. She killed someone. It's heavy. If she would have just told the truth, she would have gotten off, but Madeline had to say he slipped and everyone else jumped in like the fuckin' chorus.

Madeline assures Bonnie they're all there for her, but Bonnie said it doesn't feel like it. Madeline points out Bonnie was in Taho and it's not something you put in gmail.

Madeline talks with Abby about the day. Abigail doesn't think college is for her. Starting with the cost. Her plan is to work with a startup that builds for profit housing for the homeless.

She's worried about the homeless people. Madeline assures Abby she's going to college because she didn't.

Jane wonders if Celeste should just tell her mother-in-law to move on. But the real reason they're together is because Jane isn't cashing the checks that Ziggy is entitled to as part of Perry's estate. Jane thinks it's rape money. She wonders why Celeste doesn't hate her. For a man to commit adultery, there has to be a woman who is complicit. Jane was complicit, at least in the beginning. She wonders if Celeste is glad Perry is dead. It's complicated.

Celeste arrives home to recall dancing nose to nose with Perry. She remembers the good times too frequently.

The boys are playing cars and dinner is getting served by Mary Louise. Josh sticks Max with a fork. It's unacceptable. They miss dad. Celeste understands. Mary Louise says they can't recover from something like a cold. She then talks about how great Perry was and how lucky they were to have him.

"My Perry," she says as if he hung the stars for the moon. She screams at the dinner table in all of her grief scaring the shit out of the others. She's a mess.

Jane draws Perry with octopus legs coming out of his head.

Bonnie wanders by the Carmel by the Sea police headquarters. 

Quinlin is watching the tape of Madeline.

Celeste has another nightmare about the night. This time, the five are in a lineup and Perry is the witness. Celeste pounds on the window as she wakes screaming, I'll fucking kill you!!!



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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ed, it's the first day of school. We have to earn our good mom badges all over again.


Fine young men don't suddenly become fine young all of a sudden in a woosh, you know. It starts with being fine young boys, and part of being a fine young boy is respecting your mother. She works so hard for you. That's why the sun shines on her so.

Mary Louise