Barb gets an unexpected visit from her sister, Cindy, who disapproves of their polygamous lifestyle.  With his feud with Roman intensifying, Bill attempts to pre-empt him by infilitrating the UEB Priesthood Council.  Due to pressure from his girlfriend, Brynn, Ben loses his virginity.  A depressed Margene who just lost her friendship with Pam, ends up being baptized at Teenie's baptism.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Margie: I am a terrible wife. I should've never married your father. And your mother.
Sarah: And Nicki.
Margie: Especially Nicki

Nicki: Margene, you're grounded.
Margie: Excuse me?
Nicki: Or you're on probation. You do not involve our kids in your filthy habits.
Margie: No, no way. You have no authority over me.
Nicki: Authority? Wait just one minute. I'm second, you're third, get it?
Margie: Second's not first. It's nothing