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Margene has a chance to question Cara Lynn about her teacher.  Cara Lynn pretends that nothings going on.  She follows Cara Lynn that night and finds her at her teacher’s house.

Barb and Bill go to see their lawyer and Barb is being accused of procuring.

Margene continues to help women escape the compound.

Don tells Bill that he got an offer to cell his share of the company for 3 times the amount it’s worth from Alby and wants to take it.  Bill takes Alby’s young nephew to see Alby as a threat to have him back away.

Alby pays Rhonda’s husband to kill Bill.

Heather feels guilty about it being her fault that his mom was dragged into jail. She goes to tell Barb that it was her. Barb is clearly upset.

Cara Lynn goes to Ben and asks him to help her get Margene not to say anything to her mom.

Bill tells his fellow Senator that he will resign is the charges against him and Barb are dropped.

Margene is about to go into the hearing when all the cards fall unto the table. Barb points out that they had a re-sealment without her.  The interrogation went on for over five hours.

Margene gets Cara Lynn to admit to her mother that she is in a relationship with Mr. Ivy.  Nikki begs Cara Lynn and Mr. Ivy from seeing each other.

Barb asks Nikki to use her influence on her brother to lighten up on Bill. When Nikki gets there, she runs into Rhonda’s husband who tells her that Alby paid him to kill Bill. The argument escalades and before she can leave, Alby kidnaps her.

Bill gets a call from his lawyer telling him that they are going after him for statutory rape and he could face up to 20 years.

Alby gets Rhonda’s husband to take to a desolate place so that he can kill Nikki. Instead he kills Rhonda’s husband.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You might have to hide the Draino Bill, because I might drink it.


(to Cara Lynn) There's a lot going on right now. I want to make sure there's nothing more I need to worry about.