Admirals Fund - Billions Season 7 Episode 12
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Chef Ryan makes delicious buns for Wags, Wendy, Taylor, and Bobby. Sacker joins them.

Eight weeks prior, Sacker calls the mutinous trio to a meeting and reveals that she knows they are working on something.

Sacker updates them on the status of things at MPC. Philip joins them.

Philip and Wendy met up four weeks prior, and he expressed his discontent with how Prince treated his professor. Wendy asks him to recreate a scene with her in her office.

Prince heads to Camp David, and they track him so that they may execute their plan.

At Camp David, security takes their IDS and phones.

Chuck informs his office he's working on something, and if anyone leaks what is about to happen, he will know.

At MPC, Philip has the guys invest in some companies. Spyros notices something off with the investment and asks Phillip, who shuts Spyros down.

News that the AG office is investigating some oil companies hit the financial press.

Victor and Dollar Bill notice that the companies they invested in are tanking, but Philip impresses that they should keep at it.

Chuck asks Sacker to return to the AG office and oversee some cases. Chuck gets Brian his law license back.

Prince leaves the cabin to find his entire world going down. Axe calls to gloat.

Wendy warns Taylor that money always corrupts.

Chuck calls Dave and asks for her help to ensure the SEC doesn't halt the MPC trades.

A furious Prince breaks a glass in Wendy's office to confront her.

Dunlop shows up and tells Prince she was dropping from his ticket to focus on her presidential campaign.

Bradford leaves Prince's campaign to work for Dunlop.

Prince figures out how Axe got into his inner circle by installing Philip.

Chuck announces that the investigations were just rumors and the companies are in the clear. Their stock starts rising.

Scooter tells Prince that he won't be working with Prince anymore. He needs to pursue his interests.

Chuck visits Senior to thank him for leaking information about the investigations.

Axe offers to buy MPC from Prince. Prince leaves and promises to return stronger than ever for his revenge.

Axe reveals that he insulated the MPC workers' money and even multiplied it in a fund. They were all filthy rich.

Philip tells Scooter that he also saved Scooter's money. Scooter decides to pursue his conduction dreams.

Chuck and Axe say their goodbyes as each goes to do what they do best.

Taylor leaves Axe Global to begin their own thing.

Wendy tells Axe she's leaving and proposes Dr. Mayer as her replacement.

Wags reveals he will stay at Axe Global but will take a trip to Miami first.

Axe asks his people to earn

Taylor opens The Taylor Mason Foundation.

Wendy and Chuck have dinner with their children at Brian's restaurant.

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Billions Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Wags: You don't have to say it. I will be here with you to get this place cranking again. But then...
Axe: What? Miami? With all those other rich fucks? You know, it does have a lot to recommend it. It is the center of it all right now.

Axe: You've still got about a hundred million in those accounts, don't you?
Prince: Just about, yeah.
Axe: Well, in Indiana, that's like being a billionaire.
Prince: That's right. Yes, it is. You know what? Maybe I should be thanking all you bastards for giving me a chance to go out and do it all again. Spin it up.