My boy, there was a time when a Benjamin Franklin was the key to this city. My mistake was not accounting for inflation.

Chuck Senior

Your good guy, Prince, has begun buying up rival patents. Even ones vaguely related to what my process does, which gives him standing to sue me for infringement, which will block my work due to injunction potentially for years. It's called patent sharking. And it's not what good guys do.


Phillip: So, no one gets to benefit. It's like everyone just literally said fine, kill the damned infant.
Prince: Well, the upside is that when I take the oath of office, and I do declassify it and release it, it'll start us off very, very nicely.
Sacker: Better. You hold until right after you announce for a second term. Eight years in office for President Prince locked up.
Prince: I like that a lot.

Wendy: Instead of handing out the kudos and the blame, why don't we talk about turning this mess into action? Because I saw you in his office, and I know how you feel.
Philip: Whatever plan you're considering, leave me out. Whatever you and Taylor and I don't know who else we're thinking about doing. I can't. I need, and I will have complete deniability. As is right now, there is nothing I could tell anyone, nothing I should tell anyone. I aim to keep it that way.

Ira: Why even would you consider getting the Russian oligarch back into the country?
Chuck: As a favor to Bobby Axelrod.
Ira: Those words just tumbled out of your mouth like a meth addict's teeth and just as fucked up.

I'm Mike Prince. If you only follow the primaries, you don't know me. And that's by design, so the status quo can keep a hold of your futures. I bought this time, and it didn't come cheap because I'm my own man. And because we need to have a hard conversation about why both parties and our system are broken. This is about the inventory we all need to take in order to get where we're going, even if we don't always like what we see.


Chuck: Took me some time to realize there was reason enough to help you from the start.
Axe: Old combatants' code...
Chuck: ...that's the other reason. Someday, and that day will definitely come, I will call upon you to repay this debt. And I know you won't come up short.

Axe: Threats? Really? What in my history makes you think I respond well to threats?
Grigor: What in my history makes you think it's merely a threat?

Wendy: You should have let us know.
Wags: Yeah. You're completely exposed, and if things went south, we could have helped protect you. Covered your tracks.
Taylor: I had to move alone. And I was confident you'd see it eventually. But all this is only the set of getting to the payoff will be much more challenging.
Wags: Secrecy and deception starting to get misty.
Wendy: And now?
Wags: I have sign off.
Taylor: So yes, the beginnings of a plan.
Wendy: We might really have some pieces here.
Taylor: We might indeed. So, let's send this motherfucker to Siberia.

First, I had to get the original firm to pull out of the IPO and plant some seeds of doubt about the deal. Turns out, "Are you really going to buy that shit? " goes a long way in a volatile market. After they bailed on the IPO, I leaked word to Spartan Ives that candidate Prince would be very appreciative if we got a look and anticipated Victor being able to get us the extra hour. He is very good at what he does.


I built my first company in a Bloomington garage. I had a flip phone and three maxed-out credit cards for capital. Don't come in here and complain about a $500 million ceiling.


Dave: Involved is for the gals in the Junior League. No. You're gonna make me first chair, Special Assistant United States Attorney to any federal prosecution of Prince.
Chuck: So you get to run the show.
Dave: Sharing is caring. You want to save your friend's pasty ass? It's your call.

Billions Quotes

Bobby Axelrod is Mike Tyson in his prime, and you do not want Mike Tyson in his prime.


My cholesterol's high enough. Don't butter my ass, Danzig. Just get smarter.