Changing Sides - Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 8
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McSween explains to Billy how Murphy is protected by a series of "rings," amassing land and political clout through corruption. He adds that the independently wealthy Tunstall is taking a different approach, to treat the common man fairly. Pat Garrett writes that he is training to become a lawman in order to stay out of jail. Billy and Jesse debate about working for Murphy. Dolan and Riley order Jesse and the gang to force Mexican farmers in default off their lands, so those can be resold. At Murphy's party, Billy tells Jesse he won't participate. Billy gently rebuffs a drunk Irene Riley. But she kisses him anyway, an act seen by her husband. The Rileys argue and she shoots, wounding him, then he shoots, killing her. Billy rides with Charlie to meet Tunstall. After a spirited gun battle, the gang overcomes a small group of farmers. During Billy's meeting with Tunstall, the gang's bloody rampage continues. Tunstall offers to intercede with the governor on Billy's behalf if he switches sides. McSween and Tunstall observe the aftermath of the carnage. Billy finds the gang celebrating. Sheriff Brady slowly investigates the killings, which Dolan pinned on a roving gang. Murphy informs a business associate that Dunstall is behind them, starting a smear campaign. Billy contemplates his situation under the stars. Billy introduces himself to Dulcinea, who knows who he is. Tunstall and McSween hold a council of war. Billy strolls in to offer his services. Billy rides into the gang's camp and informs them he's working for Tunstall now. Some draw on him but Jesse convinces them to let Billy leave in peace. As Billy rides away, Jesse knows his best friend is right and that he's on the wrong side of this conflict. 

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Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Be careful. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. If you know what's good for you.

Jesse [to Billy]

Jesse: I don't think there's much justice in the world. And that's just the way that things are, that they've always been.
Billy: What if you could change that?