You still have a chance, Jesse. Take it.

George: We should quit Lincoln County for a while.
Billy: No. I'm not finished here yet.

We should take the fight to [Jesse].

I joined you because I believe in you, Billy.

Tom [to Billy]

You don't know Billy like I know Billy, Mr. Riley. He is different. And God help you when you find that out.

Jesse [to Riley]

Riley: We all know who killed Brady. When we hunt down Billy and disperse his gang, our troubles will be over.
Walz: You're making me laugh. The Kid can do what he likes here and you can't do anything about it.

Tunstall: Seems to me I'm making rather a mess of things.
Billy: Mr. Tunstall, you're up against some real mean motherfuckers. I'm proud of you for standing up to them.

Tunstall: Did you love him? Your father?
Billy: He was my pa. But he quit on me.

Riley: I thought we were in business together.
Walz: Mr. Riley, don't you know in all business there is one leading partner?

Brewer: I'm a deputy. You just can't go over my head.
Brady: Mr. Brewer, your appointment as deputy sheriff has been rescinded by order of District Attorney Thomas Catron in Santa Fe and I'm obliged to ask you to surrender your badge.

We're the law in Lincoln now.

I shouldn't na left him. I shouldn't na left.

Billy the Kid Quotes

I adore who you are, Billy, each and every day of my life. Today is no different.

Kathleen [to Billy]

Bartender: Hey now, friend. Can I get you something?
Billy: Not yet.