Mr. Tunstall, I'm ready to go to work.

Tunstall: This war is never going to just be won in the courts.
McSween: The truth is all of our lives are at risk.

You may see me again if you wish.

Dulcinea [to Billy]

That's a very big offer to make, Mr. Tunstall, for someone you don't know from Adam.

Billy: Your lawyer McSween is a very religious man.
Tunstall: He is. He has his faith and he has his principles. He's a very unusual man for around here.

Be careful. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. If you know what's good for you.

Jesse [to Billy]

Jesse: I don't think there's much justice in the world. And that's just the way that things are, that they've always been.
Billy: What if you could change that?

I soon discovered that Murphy is a crook. That, I believe, is the same situation that you now face. I have a strong feeling that after tonight, your whole life will change. And it will change for the better.

McSween [to Billy]

You did something remarkable today, Billy. I'd sure like to have you on our side.

Charlie [to Billy]

Irene [to Billy]: So you're a cowboy?
Reilly: No, he's an outlaw.

I've got friends in high places. No one is going to foreclose on us. And no one is going to outgun us.


Jesse: So fuckin' polite, Billy.
Billy: Yup. But you're an ass.

Billy the Kid Quotes

I adore who you are, Billy, each and every day of my life. Today is no different.

Kathleen [to Billy]

Bartender: Hey now, friend. Can I get you something?
Billy: Not yet.