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Dre insists the entire family will go to Jack's baseball game and wear matching "Team Johnson" t-shirts. He threatens Zoey and Junior with grounding if they refuse. 

Rainbow tells Dre she thinks the announcer is making comments on Jack's race, but Dre disagrees. Rainbow is upset he didn't have her back in front of the other parents. 

Even though Dre threw Rainbow under the bus, she still agrees to go with him to his work function. Zoey and Junior are stuck with babysitting the twins. Neither one of them is happy with the situation and leave the twins to entertain themselves, leading them to sled down the stairs and put a hole in the wall.

At the art show, Dre realizes Rainbow is going on about the wrong artist. He debates telling her but decides against it as contradicting her in public is what got him into trouble the day before. After the show, he tells her and is shocked when she is upset he didn't say anything sooner. 

Dre and Rainbow return home and immediately want to know what happened. The kids concoct a story that Diane was modeling her new shoes and fell down the stairs. Dre does not believe the story and investigates what really happened. 

Dre bribes Diane with ice cream and learns the real story. He tells Rainbow what really happened thinking that it will make her feel better, but it did not go over as planned. 

At Jack's next baseball game, Dre confronts the announcer over the loudspeaker about his comments being racist in an attempt to defend Rainbow. He screws up again when he thinks he turns off the microphone and tells him that he didn't mean any of it, but then realizes he only turned off the scoreboard. 

Rainbow stands up for Dre when the coaches come to ban Dre for two weeks, telling him that's how you have someone's back. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

He said Jack was born to steal bases, not TVs


Dre: Not only is it fair, it's by design. Your mother and I waited eight years after you were born before having more children so we could take advantage of moments like this.
Rainbow: That's what I call planned parenthood.