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-A drug dealer's enforcer shoots the dealer and others in a public setting as Danny and his partner look on.  At the hospital, Danny is furious when Linda won't allow him to question the dealer before surgery. He's even angrier when the man dies.


-Linda accuses Danny of not respecting her job and he leaves and spends the night at Frank's. 


-Later Danny goes to the killer's girlfriend's apartment to question her and doesn't wait for his partner.  The killer is there and gets the jump on him.  Danny is beaten until Baez comes in and saves him.


-Linda and Danny make up at the station.


-Erin is promoted to Deputy Trial Bureau Chief but immediately comes to blows with her boss, Amanda when she realizes she hid a key piece of evidence in a trial several years ago.


-Erin refuses to go along with the coverup. Amanda isn't happy but doesn't fire her.


-Shawn enters a derby race where every Reagan has won since Henry entered. Frank finds out that Henry has rigged the car every year because of a childhood grudge with a competing family.  He and Jamie make the car right and Shawn comes in second.  

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

I've got a patient to save and in this hospital that comes first.


Erin: Thank you, Amanda. I won't let you down.
Amanda: You better not.