Lenny: You know what your problem is? You always want to see the good in your people. That's your blind spot.
Frank: I wasn't blind about this.

I did what was right, not what was legal. Imagine what it's like to be driven to the point that you have to make that choice.


Jamie: What if it gets back that I'm investigating them? I'll lose trust, trust that i've worked hard to build.
Eddie: You want them to trust that you'll always look the other way? Is that the message you want to send?

Maria: Must be some pretty powerful people involved.
Danny: And I thought we were pretty powerful people too.

Mrs. Peterson: Ever married someone only to find out they're someone else?
Anthony: Yes.
Mrs. Peterson: My husband was a narcissist.

Sid: Statute of limitations has expired. Lenny can't be charged. That's a good thing, isn't it?
Garett: He can be charged in the court of public opinion.
Frank: As can I.
Garett: You want to start working on your response?
Frank: Yes. As soon as the last spark of optimism has gone out from me.

Frank: You know how I know I'm still an optimist?
Lenny: No, how?
Frank: When I hear you're back in town, I don't go 'Oh no. What does he want?' I go 'Oh good. Lenny's back.'

I feel no remorse because I did everything I could to save Sarah's life, down to the very last minute. If you think I should go to jail for that, that's on you.

Dr. Peterson

Conrad: You better get them out of here or I'm gonna start busting heads!
Danny: You threatening the neighbors now? The only one getting out of here is you. Come on.

Frank: What is it? Early onset Alzheimers? Vascular dementia?
Gormley: I don't know. He won't see a doctor.
Frank: And if he quits now, that leaves a lot on the table. No medical benefits either.
Gormley: We're just trying to get him over the finish line.
Frank: And now your career lies in the balance.
Gormley: Nothing we did was a violation!
Frank: You lied to me twice.
Gormley: I shouldn't have done that. I put Doug first.
Frank: I'm reopening the investigation into the bodega shooting.
Gormley: You think I lied about that too? Come on! I don't care about me, but Doug's a good guy. Have a heart.
Frank: How about this? You don't tell me to have a heart and I don't tell you to use your head. You don't lie and you don't mislead your boss. Not now. Not ever.

Margo: So what happens now? He killed my mom so you can go arrest him now, right?
Baez: Unfortunately we don't have enough for what we call probable cause.
Danny: But we're getting closer, thanks to you.

How can I forget the two pricks that ruined my life?


Blue Bloods Quotes

Jamie: Our vows.
Eddie: Yeah, I don’t want them to just mean something on our wedding day. I want them to mean something today and tomorrow and every day after that.
Jamie: I will always have your back. If you fall behind I will wait up.
Eddie: I will earn your respect and pay you respect every day we have.
Jamie: I’ll be your scout, your night watchman, your cavalry.
Eddie: Your medic, your chaplain in our army of two.
Jamie: No retreat, no surrender. You can count on me.
Eddie: You can count on me.

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"By general law, life and limb must be protected, yet often a limb must be amputated to save a life, but a life is never wisely given to save a limb," Abraham Lincoln. This department is the life, Officer Whitman is a limb.