Sid: This sounds like a matter for the cops.
Danny: We are the cops.

Next time someone asks you for a favor, say yes or say no, but don't say yes and then put it in the box and grill it.


This account as well as the one from the Legal Aid attorney were given under coercion, but that doesn't mean they're not true. Cops got a right to know what they're up against when they turn criminals over for justice.


Eddie: Any point in us pushing back?
McNichols: Have you met me?

I am not talking to children. I am talking to men, or at least I hope so. You two are New York City cops. We break up street fights. We don't start them.


Cop: You're not gonna believe the word of some felon over me. I'm a cop.
Danny:: You're also an idiot.

Jamie: All this over an air fryer? Seriously? You got any weapons?
Kid: No.
Jamie: You got the wrong cop, they might have snapped, drawn their weapon. All over an air fryer.
Kid: My mom wanted one for her birthday.

They're related by blood and also by an awful burden and that is what really chafes for those two.


Sean: I come from a family of cops and I can't even protect myself from some jerk in the park?
Danny: Don't let him get you down on yourself.
Sean: It's not him. It's you. I keep asking myself what you would have done.

Eddie: How do we know the florist didn't mix her up with someone else?
Badillo: He's the neighborhood Gladys Kravitz.

Frank: I want both of them in my office together.
Abigail: Forthwith.
Frank: No. End of tours. I don't want to compound this stupidity by pulling cops off the street/

Frank: Why didn't Abigail tell me?
Garrett: Come on. This is Abigail's marriage and you're you.