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-Connor Riley, a suspected campus drug dealer is found shot in the head. Danny isn't happy to find out that the case overlaps with a detective's from the Narcotics division.

-Detective Stone overreacts when they go to pick up a suspect and a police officer gets shot in the crossfire. Danny is furious.

-It turns out the real drug dealer and murderer was a professor on campus who no once suspected.

-Jamie meets Dana, an old friend from Harvard who is now a successful attorney moonlighting in a super hero costume to help the homeless.  When she goes out on her own, she is beaten up.

-She and Jamie argue over their chosen professions but later apologize and begin dating.

-Nicky wants to go to a college party with her new "friend" Greg who is 19.  Erin says no but Frank convinces her that perhaps Nicky has been responsible enough to be able to go.  Erin is furious not to have his support.

-Nicky goes to her party but Frank has campus police keep an eye on her all night.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

It's a party, mother. Not a drunken orgy.


Nicky: You are being totally unreasonable.
Erin: No, I am being your mother.