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-Danny gets a new partner, Detective Candace McElroy, aka Mac. She was previously in the 86th Airbourne and did three tours in Afghanistan.


-Danny and Mac investigate when Jimmy is thrown out of a moving vehicle with a rat in his pants. Jimmy refuses to cooperate. 


-Sophia Fronza, aka the Goddess, a high powered fundraiser asks Erin to join one of her charities.  When a bunch of rats end up running across the floor of a charily dinner, Sophia tells Erin it was due to a burst pipe. Erin later learns that Sophia lied and the rats were dumped deliberately.


-When someone called the Goddess ends up a part of Danny's case, they realize that Sophia is connected to corruption. Erin helps take her down.


-When a bigoted radio talk show host comes to town, Frank must protect. When the man assumes that Frank is as bigoted as he is, Frank shows up with a full detail of the very diverse NYPD. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Frank: What's the good news?
Garrett: Who said there was good news?

Damn internet is a blessing and a curse.