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There's a protest happening. Elijah is watching with the parents of the victim. They're very upset.

Elijah is studying a guy.

Next morning, he's at the office and talking about the Webster family and Cambell Mathers and filing a wrongful death suit.

Sydney doesn't agree with Elijah. She feels it's a First Amendment thing.

Anthony wants to be second chair on the Mathers case because he's black. He talks to his wife about it.

Briana confronts Sydney about not being on the case.

Della gives Sydney a bunch of journals from her mother's friend. Della wants to get the journals to a family member.

Anthony and Elijah run into Rachel Madsen at the library. She's Mathers' lawyer. Mathers wants to settle.

Jake meets with George Bell. George jumps in a fountain as they walk and talk.

Jake talks with George's doctor about his mental condition.

Sydney and Emerson talk about Elijah and why he wanted to find his father.

Elijah and Rachel are having dinner.

Elijah is questioning a witness during court. Rachel cross-examines her.

Anthony's wife is upset he had her removed from the courtroom.

Rachel and Elijah have dinner again and talk about his wife.

Rachel comes to Elijah's office and talks with Sydney. Court is in session again. Anthony's girlfriend is there.

Anthony is confronted in the bathroom from a group of white supremicists asking about his wife.

Elijah gets into the bathroom before anything happens. More testimony.

Jake is talking with George about filing a case for being wrongfully jailed.

Elijah and Sydney are walking. They're discussing free speech.

More testimony. Mathers is on the stand.

Elijah goes off when he cross examines and is held in contempt.

Sydney and Emerson talk about the journals case.

Jury judges in favor of the Websters.









Bluff City Law
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Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm referring the neverending fountain of filth your client spurs forth to pad his wallet.


Elijah: What Mathers is guilty of isn't free speech. It's dangerous speech.
Sydney: By speech you mean Tweets?
Elijah: His urging to take action in real time? No difference between that and a shot fired in a crowded theater.
Sydney: A theater he wasn't even in.