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George Bell is giving his version of the story. Jake is watching it about what happened.

Elijah gets food and Sydney sees him having fun with Emerson. Jake talks to Sydney about George.

Marshall talks to Sydney and Anthony about a case. He wants to sue for someone telling his true age.

Jake is at the case for Bell. The prosecution doesn't want to revisit the case. The judge agrees to hear the case again based on DNA evidence. New trial.

Jake and Elijah are talking about Bell. Elijah wants to help Jake as second chair.

Sydney is looking up Marshall's dating site and letting Briana see what she's doing. Jake wants Briana to help him.

Sydney and Emerson are at lunch talking.

Jake is talking to George's old lawyer and looking at his files.

Emerson and Sydney connected, but then Sydney freaks out.

Sydney and Anthony visit Marshall in his office to go over the case. They still don't think he has a case. 

Elijah asks Sydney about her lunch with Emerson. Sydney is softening up.

The team is working on George's case. 

Sydney gives her case for Marshall.

Jake and Sydney talk about their respective cases.

Sydney admits to Jake that she and Emerson aren't blood related. She was adopted. Shocker.

George is giving his side of the story and why.

Robbie and Sydney want to talk to Jake who's upset about the prosecutor coming back at him.

Robbie gives Jake evidence about George.

Sydney and Anthony lose the case but they made a case for gender identity.

Robbie has some evidence for Jake. The prosecution is upset and they go into the judge's chambers.

Bell's case if vacated. He's a free man.

Sydney tells Elijah why she walked out of lunch with Emerson. He reminds her of Elijah.

Sydney, Emerson, and Elijah enjoy dinner together.




Bluff City Law
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Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You're going to save this man's life, Jake. I want to be there when you do it.


The silver tongue of Sydney Strait. Still as eloquent as ever.