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The season finale of Boardwalk Empire lived up to the title as most things returned to normal in Atlantic City. An opportune truce between Rothstein and Nucky, orchestrated by Torrio, helps Nucky win the election despite declining support from the voters.

In exchange for using Nucky’s influence to block an indictment for fixing the World Series, Rothstein gives the Atlantic City Treasurer one million dollars and the locations of the remaining D’Alessio brothers. At a press conference, Nucky announces the remaining co-conspirators of the highway shooting were identified (the D’Alessios), and their deaths re-ignite voter confidence in the Republican Party.

Margaret, after finding the grave of Nucky’s wife and child, returns to Nucky’s office to ask him about his past. He confesses that his child was very weak and died shortly after birth. However, his wife tended to the child for a week after it had died, and eventually killed herself in distress. Nucky feels extremely guilty about these events because he was so busy with work that he neglected his wife and confesses he only felt truly happy with Margaret and the kids. Margaret’s sympathy for him, and possibly her concern for her own well being, makes her return to Nucky while he celebrates the election results.

Jimmy spends more time with the Commodore who resents Nucky’s power because his former protégé left him behind in jail and never restored him to his previous position in Atlantic City. Jimmy is still troubled by Nucky’s involvement in “pimping” out his mother and seriously doubts the man he used to trust and love. The Commodore, Eli (still upset about being removed from his job as sheriff), and Jimmy plot how to take down Nucky and put Jimmy in power.

Also, Agent Van Alden decides to leave his post in Atlantic City after reporting that Agent Sebso died of a heart attack. However, as he cleans out his desk, Lucy arrives to announce that she is pregnant.

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