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Following last week’s deadly encounter with the D’Alessio brothers, Nucky and company deal with more familial problems. Already questioning her situation with Nucky, Margaret is further distressed when she sees her neighbor Annabel offer to “thank” Nucky in a very physical way for his generosity. The encounter leads to huge argument between the two as Margaret reveals her apprehensions since meeting with Van Alden.

She ends up slapping Nucky who leaves to visit his brother. Another confrontation ensues over how much knowledge Margaret has, and the danger she poses to everyone involved in the murder of her husband. Nucky responds by firing Eli and supporting Deputy Halloran for the office of Sheriff.

Jimmy finds out that his father, the Commodore, is dying. After a tense meeting between the two, Jimmy gets incredibly sick after eating one of the Commodore’s cookies. He also finds out that his mother and the Commodore have been communicating much more frequently. Tests of the Commodore’s hair reveal that he has been poisoned with arsenic, and Gillian is the most likely suspect as she would gain the most from his demise. Also, Angie tries to escape to Paris with Mary; but, when she arrives at the photography shop with her packed bags, she finds an empty studio. She returns to Jimmy who knows exactly what she’s been up to.

Agent Sebso worries about Van Alden’s constant questions about the shooting. After phoning Nucky for advice, he gets directions to an illegal still the two can bust, but they only find a baptismal service by the river. Sebso decides to transfer, but asks if there is anything he can do to earn Van Alden’s trust. Van Alden takes him back to the river, asking if he may baptize his Jewish partner. However, Van Alden repeatedly dunks Sebso in the water, demanding that he confess his sins, and ends up drowning the young man.

Boardwalk Empire
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