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The discovery of a survivor from Jimmy and Al’s massacre led to numerous complications for Jimmy and Nucky. Although Eli tries to smother the gangster before he can talk, he is interrupted by Agent Van Alden. With a federal warrant, Van Alden is able to take control of the witness and, rather quickly, moves him out of the hospital.

However, the severity of his injuries and infection leaves the man near death. After getting a double dose of cocaine from a dentist, he awakens enough to finger Jimmy as one of the assailants.

Nucky has no choice but to tell Jimmy to leave town and give him some money for his wife. Jimmy packs up to leave, but not before confronting his wife about her possible involvement with the photographer Robert while he was at war. The suggestiveness of her photos and his son’s comfortableness around the photographer convinces Jimmy that she may have had an affair. She only admits that the two barely knew each other before he went overseas, and Jimmy ends up on a train to Chicago.

Meanwhile, Nucky gets Margaret a job as a dresser for fancy boutique at the Ritz Carlton. She waits on exclusive clients like Lucy Danziger, Nucky’s girlfriend. The town treasurer also sets up a new bootlegging operation with Chalky White, offering him thirty-five percent of the profits. However, when a rival gangster hangs one of Chalky’s associates, Nucky has to up Chalky’s take to fifty percent to keep his partner from inciting a race war. Also, Luciano is dispatched to kill Jimmy after Rothstein finds out that Nucky’s former driver was involved in the shoot out.

Boardwalk Empire
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