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Characters explore their inner demons on this week's episode of Boardwalk Empire. His father's accident makes Nucky and Eli reconsider letting him leave alone in their childhood home. Nucky gives away the house to Damien Fleming, a new father, on the condition that he fixes up the place. The house brings up some scarring childhood memories for Nucky who tries to share them with Margaret. However, Margaret, unsure of how to navigate their relationship, changes the subject. 

Later on, she apologizes for her selfishness and lets him open up about the abuses he suffered living with his father. Once the house is completed, a final confrontation with his father makes Nucky burn down the house and offer Fleming money to find a better home.

Luciano approaches Mickey and the Philadelphia Italians about the robbery of Nucky's bagman. He suggests they should get Rothstein to back their liquor business, but, in order to get the start-up money, they need to rob Nucky's casino.

In Chicago, Jimmy finds out where Liam hangs out, but doesn't enact his revenge right away. When he has a doctor check out his aching leg, he meets another veteran, Richard Harrow, who lost half of his face in the war. Jimmy begins a friendship with Richard and uses his sharp shooter skills to kill Liam.

Jimmy's wife Angie, who has been spending time on the boardwalk at the photography shop, is actually having an affair with Mary, the photographer's wife. She claims to have not received any money from Jimmy and is dependent upon the money Robert, Mary's husband, gives to her. Meanwhile, the decoy Jimmy and Al used for the liquor hijacking gives up the two ring-leaders when he is busted for armed robbery.

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