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In this week’s Boardwalk Empire, Nucky leaves Atlantic City for the Republican National Convention in Chicago. His presence is necessary to help Senator Edge get on the ballot as Vice President. Nucky spends his time with future President Warren Harding’s campaign manager Harry Daugherty and offers his support in exchange for Edge not getting the Vice President nomination. He also offers to house one of Harding’s many mistresses and her child in Atlantic City until after the election. When Edge confronts him about his lack of support, Nucky reveals he knows that Edge gave his road money to Haig.

With his brother in Chicago, Eli watches over the business in Atlantic City. When picking up money from the casino, he interrupts a heist already in progress and is shot in the stomach. Nucky finds out and immediately phones Margaret to hide an important ledger left unattended in his office. He also asks Jimmy to return home because he will need someone to reassert his power.

Margaret has a run-in with Lucy at the Ritz when the former mistress tries to purchase clothing on Nucky’s account. She ends up slapping Lucy when the other woman claims that she is stupid for thinking she knows Nucky at all. Later, Margaret is touched by Nucky’s trust in her, but can’t resist opening the secret ledger. She is shocked by the figures on the page.

Agent Van Alden has been intercepting the money Jimmy sends to Angela and she is in a dire financial situation. She resists getting a job and continues working on her art. The situation is complicated by Van Alden’s home life. Van Alden’s wife is unable to have a baby and wants an expensive operation to fix the problem. After musing on the situation, Van Alden decides to send the money to Angela and tells his wife that is simply god’s plan that she remain infertile.

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