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Nucky's business continues to fall apart when the Coast Guard (under the Commodore's orders) confiscates a much needed infusion of booze and Torrio ends their business arrangement. For legal aid, he contacts the Attorney General to for a favor from the current President, Warren Harding, but is unable to find any assistance. His troubles seem to overtake him until he confronts the Commodore and Jimmy when they are having dinner with the Governor and promises to ruin both of them.

Owen Sleater tells Nucky he could be of great use of to him and proves himself by stopping Richard from selling liquor to one of Nucky's casinos.

Meanwhile, Lucy is unhappy living with Van Alden because she isn't allowed to go out or have any "fun" like she used to. Desperate to escape her situation, she considers throwing herself down a staircase until she finds out that Van Alden purchased a victrola so she can play her music.

In between helping Nucky stay afloat and raising her children, Margaret finds out that her family has already emigrated from Ireland. Sadly, she finds out that they have not forgiven her for leaving their family home and consider her dead.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Say what you want about Nucky; at least he was fun.


Nucky: How's Torrio handling the competition?
Capone: We're killing them.