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Nucky continues to fight his way back to the top. He gets help from Rothstein and finds an alternate port for his alcohol shipments in Philadelphia. He also makes his voter fraud charge a federal case by having some Philadelphia prostitutes claim he hired them to sleep with voters; this change will allow the attorney general to help make the charges disappear. And Owen, his new driver, makes a bomb that takes out Mickey Doyle's distillery and storage facility.

Jimmy, Eli, and the Commodore endure a number of setbacks this week. After the Commodore suffers a debilitating stroke, Jimmy and Eli bicker over what to do next. Jimmy finds a buyer for their liquor in Philadelphia, Manny Horvitz, but will probably run into trouble once he discovers that Owen and Nucky have destroyed his surplus of liquor.

Chalky returns home to his family, but still has trouble facing the wives of the four men murdered by KKK members while working for him. His desire for revenge is tempered by Nucky's insistence that he wait for the right time. Out of sheer frustration and anger, he makes a terrible scene at dinner with his family and his daughter's new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Margaret squirrels away the money Nucky gives her because he seems to be acting so frivolously with his funds. Also, Van Alden's men begin to suspect that he's a corrupt agent when one of them follows him to Doyle's distillery.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mickey: From the tiny acorn grows the mighty elk.
Jimmy: If you had a brain, you'd be dangerous.

I didn't spend my life getting groped by a bunch of drunks to wind up in a goddamn poor house.