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Nucky doesn't waste any time and fills the city with the Irish whiskey he's now importing from Ireland with Owen's help. This causes problems for Jimmy, Luciano, Lansky, and Capone because now they can't unload the medicinal liquor they got from George Remus. The partners split up the stock and depart to their respective cities to sell it, but Jimmy has to head a little further north.

Meanwhile, Jimmy sends Mickey to give Horvitz $5000 worth of their liquor to pay off his debt. But Horvitz won't accept this offer and heads to Jimmy's home to take his revenge for the failed attempt on his life. Unfortunately, Jimmy hasn't already left and Horvitz ends up killing Angie and her lover instead.

Nucky heads to NYC to hire Rothstein's lawyer after firing his own. Margaret remains at home, wrestling with her guilt over Emily's sickness. Believing she must rededicate herself to the church, she offers all of her money and jewelry to the priest and spends her evening praying for her daughter. However, the doctor's tell her that Emily will be permanently paralyzed.

Van Alden's wife sends him divorce papers while he prepares for the trial against Nucky with Assistant Attorney General Randolph. Randolph also detains Eli to get his testimony after he continually ignores her requests to visit her office.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Chalky: How Nucky shoes be fitting these days?
Jimmy: A little tighter than I expected.

He who dies pays all his debts.