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Randolph makes a capital case against Nucky when she receives testimony from both Deputy Halloran and Eli that implicates Nucky in the murder of Hans Schroeder. Nucky starts to get his affairs in order, but his servant, Harland, tells his lawyer about Van Alden drowning his former partner, Agent Sebso, at a baptismal service. Van Alden's credibility is damaged, but Margaret's is subpoenaed to testify about the death of her husband. Her guilt over all her past sins continues to pain her as her daughter is fitted for leg braces and she seriously considers meeting with Randolph.

Meanwhile, Jimmy has yet to return home after Angie's death, which causes the police to suspect his involvement in her death and his partners to start dividing up the remainder of his share of the liquor. Instead, Jimmy recalls his time at Princeton and his early relationship with Angela. Jimmy introduces his mother to Angela at a Princeton formal. While Angela tries to tell Jimmy that she's pregnant, Jimmy is preoccupied with his mother's flirtatious behavior with his teacher Mr. Pearson. When Pearson crosses the line his mother, Jimmy beats his professor and takes his drunk mother home. Gillian ends up kissing and making love to her son, and Jimmy enlists in the army the very next morning.

In the present day, Jimmy's grief causes him to respond violently to his mother's callous handling of Angela's death. The Commodore tries to defend Gillian, and Jimmy ends up stabbing him to death.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Your life is pretty Jacobean all by itself.

Professor Pearson

I think there's no one else in the all the world; there's only you and me.

Gillian to Jimmy