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After the failed attempt on his life, Nucky finds out that the shooter was connected to Capone and confronts Torrio and Rothstein about their men. All of these city bosses suspect that Capone, Lansky, and Luciano are working with Jimmy, but Rothstein suggests they do nothing for now.

Fueled by this meeting and the unfortunate loss of his father, Nucky visits the Commodore and Jimmy to end their feud. He agrees to retire and not interfere with their business any longer. However, Nucky's retirement from public office doesn't stop him from urging Chalky to get his people to strike. Also, he asks Owen to set up a meeting with his former boss, Mr. McGarrigle.

Jimmy celebrates his successful coup, but he is already expressing some animosity towards Mickey and Horvitz, his Philadelphia partner. Meanwhile, Angie finally gets some answers about Jimmy's profession, while also admitting that her decision to marry him had very little to do with love.

Angie also meets a young woman named Louise on the beach, and the two women end up kissing at beach house party.


Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Success has many fathers, dear. Failure is an orphan.


Rothstein: There are cheaper ways to get a tan than picking losers.
Luciano: You're telling me. My last horse is still running.