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Chalky and his men pay Nucky a visit. Nucky swears to Chalky he had nothing to do with the attemot on his life. Knox briefs Eli on how the meeting will go down. Nucky asks Eli to pick him up on his way to the meeting. When he arrives, Nucky confronts him about his dealings with Knox. Willie walks in to see his uncle holding a gun to his father's head. When the meeting never materializes, Knox comes unhinged in front to his fellow agents. He is killed by Eli after attacking him in his home.

Richard takes the stand at Gillian's trial. Richard asks Nucky for the whereabouts of Jimmy's body. To pay him back, he agrees to shoot Narcisse, but accidentally kills Chalky's daughter. He is shot in the process and dies while thinking of Tommy and Julia who traveled to his sister's home.

Torrio is gunned down at his home, but survives and turns the business over to Al Capone.,

Eli heads to Chicago and is picked up by Van Alden. Nucky is stopped on his way to see Sally, but Knox's partners who are looking for Eli in the killing of Knox.

Nucky reminds Willie about his responsibilities now with his father away again.


Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Hoover: You've actually pulled this off.
Knox: You seemed surprised Edgar.
Hoover: Organized crime? I'm merely exhibiting a healthy skepticism.

Chalky: So he yo nigga now, that right?
Nucky: Not right.
Cghalky: So you his nigga. Think I like that better.