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Chalky and Daughter are on the run and end up in Maryland at the home of an old friend. Eli meets with Knox and is pressed to get as many of Nucky's associates together in a room. Nucky gets a call from Means who tries to sell him the name of an informant. Gillian visits Tommy and runs into Richard. Before she leaves, she gives her grandson Jimmy's dog tags. She visits Roy and tells him she feels free. Eli and his family trave to the Albatross for dinner with Nucky. At the table, June mentions the insurance salesman who visited Eli at their house, but when she begins to describe the man we know to be Knox, Eli angrily cuts her off. Back at Oscar's house, Chalky and Daughter get into an argument, but he later on tells her they will run away in the morning and never look back. He wakes up to find Daughter gone and Oscar sitting on the porch armed. A group of Narcisse's men show up armed and looking for Daughter and Chalky. In the ensuing gunfight Oscar is killed, but Chalky is saved by Oscar's nephew. Nucky calls Sally to tell her he wants out.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Childhood doesn't last. Nothing lasts.


Gillian: You live here.
Richard: You don't.