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Gillian turns to Roy for help when she tries to kick her drug habit. Eli voices is concern about Agent Knox to Nucky. Nucky makes some calls to do a background check and later meets with Means to see what he could find. Willie drops out of school and breaks the news to his family and Nucky. Nucky tries to offer bis advice, but Eli tells him to mind his own business. In Washington Knox questions Remus in front of Hoover and Esther Randolph, to try to provide evidence of his crime conspiracy theory. We learn that Knox's real last name is actually Tolliver, matching the initials on the handkerchief he gave to Eli last episode. Hoover later takes credit for Knox/Tolliver's investigation at a dinner where he is announced as the new head of the FBI. Chalky and Daughter continue where they left off in bed last week. Chalky agrees to let Narcisse open a new chapter of his league in exchange for extending Daughter's contract at the club. Dunn fields questions from angry members of the community about the growing heroin problem. We see Margaret again, this time at her job working for a less than ethical financial advisor. She demonstrates a knack for the charade until Arnold Rothstein comes in to seek her boss's advice. Lucky meets with Masseria who wants him to go back to Nucky and try to negotiate his way back into the Tampa deal to facilitate their new drug enterprise. 

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Nucky: Sid!
Sid: Need somethin?
Nucky: Why the fuck else would I be calling you?

Eli: Something cockeyed about this guy. Who carries around another man's hankie?
Nucky: You were.