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Van Alden gets grief at home from his wife about problems with their house. Later he meets with the Capone brothers and vows to kill Dean O'Banion for them, but someone beats him to it. Chalky wants Narcisse dead, but Nucky urges him to think things through. Chalky reminds Nucky how he saved his life and expects some help in return. Gillian and Julia appear in court to argue for Tommy's custody. Julia gets the impression her case would improve if she were married, so she and Richard get hitched. Gillian struggles to stay sober, but is helped by Roy, who she walks in on making a curious phone call. Rothstein visits Nucky and sells him Mickey Doyle's life insurance policy at a discount. He tells Nucky how he has fallen on somewhat hard times. Narcisse beats Daughter badly and an enraged Chalky confronts him. Later Chalky is called away from his family to attend to the battered singer and his daughter finds the two together. p>

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Heard a lot of "we" last year, when you was in trouble. Now it's just "you."


We lived for each other. A child and a child.