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Nucky plans a meeting in the city when he grows concerned about Luciano's future and Chalky returns seeking revenge. 

Boardwalk Empire starts off in 1897 this week, jumping forward a number of years since the last series of flashbacks featuring young Nucky. Nucky is now a young adult wearing a deputy badge investigating a complaint about an apparent body under the boardwalk. Nucky tries to impress the father of the young girl he met years ago on the beach, Mabel. He wants to marry her, but her father is not convinced he is the right man. Nucky presses the sheriff for more responsibility in the duties he performs for the Commodore off the clock.

In Chicago, Capone is constipated but also confused about his recent conversation with Nucky about Charlie's visit. Capone is nervous and wants all his money and book keeping to be moved up to Cicero.

Nucky and Chalky meet and discuss the future. Chalky wants to find Narcisse but Nucky says he can't help him. He does offer him a safe place to stay as a friend. Nucky has to leave for a meeting with Torrio in New York that can't wait. Nucky meets with Torrio to discuss Charlie. Torrio says he will join him and Maranzano at their meeting to help sort things out regarding Charlie. Instead at the meeting, Nucky and Maranzano are nearly killed by gunmen.

Nucky vows to see them all dead before he rests. He then speaks with Ronis in Cuba who tells him about Sally. Chalky meanwhile visits the same Harlem brothel that was previously shot up, looking for Narcisse. Instead he finds Daughter with a young daughter of her own.

Eli's wife June comes to visit and is seven months pregnant. While at dinner at the Mueller house, Eli remembers sleeping with Sigrid while drunk. Before the two men can hash things out, they are brought in by the Feds and given the option of helping bring down Capone or the gas chamber for their crimes.

Boardwalk Empire
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Doesn't anyone drink anymore?


History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. The fuck does that mean?

Al Capone