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Eli gets things started on this Boardwalk Empire episode, waking up in a drunker haze in the middle of their warehouse being raided by the feds who we later learn are now under the control of Eliot Ness.

Nucky pays a visit to Johnny Torrio in New York City to discuss his close call in Cuba and to find out if new Mafia boss Salvatore Maranzano had anything to do with it. Torrio discusses the attempt on his own life and talks about knowing when you have to walk away from the game.

Nucky flashes back to the day his sister dies. The family calls for the undertaker, but no one comes because they are poor. Ethan says they will bury her in the yard so she will be close to home.

In New York, Will Thompson interviews for a city prosecutor position. He is asked about his relation to Nucky Thompson. When he admits they are related he is pretty much shown the door, but he turns back and makes a case for why he deserves the job. 

In Chicago Al Capone gets fitted for a suit and jokes around with his men. He learns about the raid on the warehouse and holds Eli and Van Alden accountable for the money that was lost. Eli assures Van Alden they will find a way to get the money in the 24 hours they have to pay Al back. They end up robbing one of Capone's speaks and pay him back with his own money.

We see Gillian for the first time in a room full of baths. Things seem civil enough until one of the nurses turn off the radio and some of the patients show just why they are there. Gillian and the head female guard make a deal to exchange favors.

Nucky meets with the board of the Mayflower Grain Corporation about partnering with him in his new venture. Without the support of his senator there, he is turned down without assurances that repeal will pass. After the meeting Nucky speaks with a man who initially was the one who urged the other board members to hear Nucky out. When he and Nucky part ways we learn his last name is Kennedy.

Nucky meets with Maranzano who assures him he had no part in the attempt on his life. Charlie is there and tells Nucky he and Meyer are no longer close and if he acted he did so alone. Later at Meyer's brothel, Lansky, Charlie, Benny and Tonino meet to discuss their plans to overthrow Maranzano.

Flashing back to Nucky's childhood, the Commodore comes to pay his respects to the Thompson's and gives Ethan money to bury his daughter properly. Ethan chases him off his property and later makes Nucky fill in his sister's grave on his own, refusing to spend the money the Commodore gave him on the dead.

Nucky meets with Tonino and learns about Charlie and Meyer's plan. He offers to give him a job if he will tell his bodyguard where he can find Meyer. Later at Meyer's brothel scream ring out. Everyone rushes to the door to find the dead body of Tonino with a postcard from Havana stabbed into his back and one of his ears missing.



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Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I know the way crime eats you out from the inside. I know it and I hate it. Give me a chance sir please. Let me do something good with my life.

Will Thompson

Most fellas in this business, they get their retirement papers straight from the Grim fuckin' Reaper.

John Torrio