Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 1 online and watch the greatest standoff between two musicals based on 80's films that you'll ever see.

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Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 1 right here and right now on TV Fanatic. When the time comes around once again for Wagstaff Middle School's fall musical, Gene immediately seizes the opportunity to present his masterpiece: A musical based on the classic action thriller, "Die Hard". He hits a major setback when the school ultimately decides to present another musical instead: A musical adaptation of the film, "Working Girl", composed by Gene's vengeful ex-girlfriend, Courtney. Never one to let an opportunity to help her brother out (while, of course, making some money on the side) pass her by, Louise, along with the kids the were rejected from the cast of "Working Girl", decide to help Gene put on "Die Hard" in the school's boiler room on the same night of the premiere of "Working Girl". As the musical melee gets more and more heated, Mr. Frond finally steps in with his "skills" in conflict resolution in order to bring the peace. In the end Gene and Courtney decide to put aside their differences and combine their musicals into the most epic, action packed and inspring show based on 80's movies ever put on the stage: "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl".

Episode Details

On the season premiere of Bob's Burgers, Gene finally presents "Die Hard-The Musical"... on the same night of the school's actual musical.

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Bob's Burgers
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