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-Joe Salerno, a veteran homicide detective is found dead in the street, a suspected hit and run victim until Megan determines he was already dead when the car hit him.

-Salerno was investigating the unsolved murder of Lizzie Adler, a student and lacrosse player.

-Salerno was drugged over several days with rat poison which caused his death.

-Megan exhumes Adler's body. Particulates inside her nose prove she was killed on the clay tennis courts.

-Lizzie was accidentally killed during a fight with fellow lacrosse player, Heather. Their coach convinced Heather to cover it up and move the body. When Det. Salerno got too close to the truth, the coach poisoned him.

-Megan determines that Joe was suffering from undiagnosed Huntington's disease, which explained the changes in his obsessive behavior over the Adler case.

-Megan tells Peter that her father committed suicide when she was a child. She asks her mother for permission to exhume his body. Perhaps he was ill and they didn't know it. Her mother says no and tells Megan that her father left them and she should get over it.

Body of Proof
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Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You care more about the dead than you do about the living because they can't talk back.


Everybody's got that one case they can't let go of.