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On "The Bone That Blew," Brennan's dad (Max) lands a teaching position at the Jeffersonian. When he winds up assisting with the murder case of the day, Bones is noticeably bothered by his sudden presence in her professional life. Hard to blame her for that.

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Bones Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Wendell Bray: (running up with a bone in his hands) Dead guy's hyoid.
Bones: Guy as in sexually non-specific urban colloquialism or in the reference to the gender normally associated with a penis, Mr. Bray?
Wendell Bray: Um ... penis?

Booth: You don't think that I'm a lousy dad for not sending my son to private school?
Sweets: No. But you'd be a lousy father if you didn't torture yourself about it.