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This is a pretty big Bones episode.

After deciding that she wants a baby, Brennan shocks Booth by asking him to be the father of her child. Hot damn! As you'd expect, Booth can't stop thinking about such a request. This stress, along with an undiagnosed health problem, causes him to hallucinate... and see Stewie from Family Guy. Seriously!

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Bones Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Angela: Then why use Booth at all? Why don't you use Fisher ... and his discount sperm?
Brennan: No, Booth has a bigger mandible and a more prominent zygomatic than Fisher, as well as a more pronounced ratio between the width of his clavicles and his ilia.
Angela: So, it's because Booth is hot?

Booth: You really liked holding that kid didn't you?
Brennan: Yeah. I've been thinking about how exciting it would be to expose my own child to early pattern recognition.
Booth: You know they like singing and uh, when you make funny faces at 'em too.
Brennan: Yeah of course. I-I will make a diverse schedule.