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While solving the murder of a high school principal, Booth and Brennan begin to plan their wedding and decide to do it all themselves. Brennan asks Angela to be her matron of honor. 

Sweets finds out that his talents may be replaced by a machine, VAL, and is determined to best the profiling computer.

Chuck Liddell appears as Chuck Liddell.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Sweets: So I'm comparing character traits of rock climbers and their psychosocial...
Booth: Great.
Sweets: You don't want to hear it?
Booth: I get it. Psycho socials are like dances, you know, in the loony bin.

Brennan: I do dislike it when other people tell me what to do.
Booth: See, now there's the Bones that I love!