Botched Season 2

"The Serial Filler"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 13, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG consults the doctors about her lips, and Dr. Dubroan is contacted by a friend.

"Say Yes to the Breasts"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 12, the doctors help a former actress who lost her breasts to a flesh-eating disease, and Dr. Dubrow gives hope to a spiritual woman.

"Attack of the 3,000cc Implants"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 11, Dr. Dubrow takes on the biggest breast case of his career, while Dr. Nassif tackles a soldier's botched nose.

"The Pec Whisperer"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 10, a bodybuilder with no pecs receives pumping up from Dr. Dubrow, and a former Miss India wants to perfect her pig nose.

"Knuckles and Knockers"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 9, Dr. Dubrow tries to separate a uniboob, while Dr. Nassif battles to fix a former boxer's nose. Then, they give some unexpected news.

"House of Horrors"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 8, a patient wants to fix a nose job she had received at what she described as a "house of horrors" facilty."

"Botched Presents: Perfect"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 7, we see stories of people who are obsessed with looking like the perfect superhero, living caricatures, and celebrities are featured.

"Dolly'D Up"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 6, A celebrity impersonator wants to fix her saggy skin, and Paul helps a woman with a potentially unfixable nose.

"Mo' Steroids Mo' Problems"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 5, patients include a former model who has breast implants in her butt and a U.K. man who got his lips injected, but is now leaking filler.

"Four Leeches and a Funeral"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 4, Dwight Eubanks says goodbye to his nose with a funeral. Also, woman's boob job has left her with a suspicious bubble on her breast.

"The Bacon Bra"

On Botched Season 2 Episode 3, the doctors help a female bodybuilder who wants to come across as more feimine. A blow-up doll also comes into play.


Nicole Eggert is at the center of Botched Season 2 Episode 2. She wants to get smaller breasts after her last surgery gave her huge knockers.

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