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After his dad missed his birthday party, Walt Jr. drove over to Walt's apartment this week and found a broken man. Walt blamed his injuries on a gambling-related fight, but he also made an admission that shocked viewers:

He said "this is all my fault." Yes, he said this while on pain meds, but he's clearly been affected by his fight with Jesse.

The next day, Walt told his son a story about only remembering his father as a very sick man (with Huntington's Disease) and how he doesn't want Walt Jr. to think of him in such a vulnerable way. But little Walt said he preferred this side to his dad because it was more "real." This seemed to have an impact on Walt.

- After Ted was told by Saul that he had inherited $600,000 from a random aunt, and then used that money to restart his business and NOT to pay his taxes, Skyler confronted him and told him she provided the money.

- In Mexico, Jesse was a hit, teaching the cartel how to cook the meth, but then also being surprised by the deal Gus had agreed to: he was actually being given to the cartel, or so Don Elario thought.

Gus ended up having a plan: he poisoned the alcohol he got Don as a gift, taking him and all his men out, but also being forced to drink a celebratory shot himself. Gus puked it up, but it still had an effect on him. The episode ended with Jesse and Mike dragging Gus to a car, Mike getting shot by a cartel member, and Jesse driving the crew away from the house.

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