Back in Town - Briarpatch
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Allegra Hill returns home after the murder of her sisters. 

Upon checking into a hotel, she is accosted by someone from her past. He wants to know everything about her. 

Allegra returns to her hotel room to find the Senator hiding. She hits him, he hits her back, and they have some sex. 

He then asks her to find out information from Spivey, but she refuses to wear a wire. Allegra asks more about what is going on, and he offers little insight.

She goes digging in her sister's home, but is caught by the sheriff who asks her about what she is going in the dwelling. 

Allegra concludes that her sister was not living there, noting that it did not make sense. He offered to take her to the real house, but his car blows up. 

Allegra goes to the hospital after being injured in the blast and later concludes that nobody is telling her the truth. 

This does not sit well with her and she returns to the hotel, only to find that a lion is in the hall and she's in big trouble. What does this mean for her?

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Briarpatch Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Allegra: What's this?
Driver: There was a breakout at the zoo. They've been making a mess of things ever since.

Driver: First time in Saint Disgrace?
Allegra: I grew up here.
Driver: Really? Well, you sure ain't got the look.