When they await the arrival of the Serbian president's motorcade, the members of the precinct play "The Jimmy Jab Game".

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The detectives of the 99th Precinct end up on call for motorcade duty for the Serbian president, while Holt and Terry are absent for a meeting. They take the absence of supervision as an opportunity to play the Jimmy Jab games, an elimination style tournament with only one winner. The winner of the tournament wins the cleanest and most comfortable chair in the precinct.

Jake, trying to prove to himself and to others that he no longer has feelings for Amy, bets with Rosa for her friend's telephone number as a stake of the game. Rosa, seeing through his charade, challenges Jake to win the game without flirting or having fun with Amy.

Meanwhile, Charles and Gina are in a bind, when Charles' videotape of his home workout (with Gina in the background) ends up in Hitchcock's possession. Hitchcock, though unaware of what's on the tape, blackmails Charles into doing increasingly ridiculous things to make him socially acceptable.

Captain Holt and Terry go to Deputy Chief Wuntch with a funding request to help them deal with a new street drug. However, she denies their request, so Terry and Holt are forced to go over her head to get what they need.

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While on call for motorcade duty, the detectives of the precinct play the elimination "The Jimmy Jab Game" on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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