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We begin in bed with Luc and Sarah. They're fretting about Luc's visa expiring in a few weeks.

Newly unemployed Kevin is tying to figure out his next career move. After taking a career proficiency test, Kevin has realized that other than law and politics, he isn't cut out for anything.

He's then hit by sister call. Sarah calls to ask if he can find some way to help Luc with his visa. Kevin says he'll put in call to the immigration lawyer at his old firm.

Kitty calls to ask Kevin to go with her to some campaign events. After he tells her that she has staff for that, she says she hates them all and just wants someone to laugh with.

At Sarah's house, Luc produces a letter from INS and he tells her that he's legal!

Only he's not really. As Kevin and Kitty take their seats on the stage at Kitty's campaign event, there are protesters there.

Later at Kitty's office, they've figured out that somehow Luc's visa acceptance is being tied to Kitty and Robert as some kind of political pulling of strings.

Kevin figures out that someone at his law firm has a conservative blog and must have found out he called their attorney for advice and then made up the political ties.

As Luc and Sarah are returning from a jog, they discover that the media are there waiting for them. They approach them with cameras and questions about how Kitty helped Luc get his visa.

Sarah and Luc bolt when the crews start asking personal questions about Luc's age and Sarah goes off on them.

After the footage airs, Kitty goes off on Sarah for creating a scene for the cameras and suggests that Luc give up his visa until a full investigation is completed.

Sarah, of course, is against the idea. Regardless, Kitty is coming down from Santa Barbara for a meeting to discuss it.

Saul is trying to get Nora to remember the song about Narrow Lake that William used to sing for her.

Regardless, it's obvious that Dennis York sees value in the land. Saul suggests he just make a meeting with Dennis York, but Nora is firmly against it.

At the office, Rebecca walks in on Holly as she continues to search the files for clues. Holly admits to Rebecca that she's broke and she lost her money.

Later, Dennis is at some bar and in walks Nora! Dennis seems friendly enough. Nora, not so much. He tells her that she seems colder than he remembers.

She tells him that she can't sell the company and he says that she sure can or he'll tell the family whatever deep, dark secret Nora is trying to keep.

Back at the house, Nora gets back and finds Rebecca and Justin are there. Rebecca tells Nora that she has finally figured out what she wants to do with the two million dollars William Walker left her.

She wants to give it to her mother and Ojai.

Then, we find out that Holly told her about Narrow Lake. Rebecca wants to give Holly the money so she can buy her some time to find Narrow Lake.

Nora is obviously bothered by the idea, but she finally agrees.

Nora then pays a visit to Holly and tells her that she shouldn't accept the money. Of course, Holly takes offense to that and tells her it's not about the money. It's about Rebecca trusting her enough to give her the money.

Once again, Nora backs down and apologizes.

Next thing we know, Tommy is picking Nora up in Seattle. Back at Tommy's house, he tells her that things aren't going well for him there. He got some job at a food wholesaler and Julia is barely speaking to him.

Nora tells him about Dennis and Narrow Lake, but he has no clue about the place. Nora confesses she has decided to talk the kids into selling their shares in the company except Sarah, who she knows she can't convince.

That's why she went to see Tommy. She wants him to convince Sarah to sell. He's reticent to return to the Ojai mess after all that has gone wrong for him there.

Nora makes a strong point that they've all acted like building Ojai has made up for all the mistakes that William has made. Seeing her point, Tommy agrees to come back to Pasadena to convince his siblings to sell their shares.

While Nora's away, Kitty, Sarah, Luc, Justin and Kevin meet up at her house. Kitty and Sarah refuse to apologize to each other and then Luc drops a bomb:

The rumor that he used to work in a French brothel is true!

Later, in private, Luc tells her that his parents sent him to live with his uncle, who owned a whorehouse. He was young and never lived in the actual whorehouse. He just ran errands and did chores, but of course, it has been blown up larger in the media.

Robert tells Kitty that Luc's visa has been revoked and the couple decides to do interviews the next day and defend themselves, as well as Luc and his visa. Then, Kevin calls Kitty and tells her to get to LAX Airport for some reason.

At LAX (with a cameraman filming), Sarah and Luc are saying goodbye. Luc decided to leave. It's a touching scene until Kevin runs in screaming that he has found them!

When Kitty catches up, she decides to pull the cameraman over and make a statement.

By the time Kevin arrives home, the video has already spread across the internet. Scotty then tells Kevin that the restaurant he works for is closing down.

Kevin tells him he should open his own restaurant.

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