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Rebecca's aftermath

Rebecca tells Justin she's going to have dinner with her dad. He asks if she's going to talk to him about the miscarriage, but she seems to be trying to avoid it.

Justin, who struggled last season with painful post-war memories and addiction, is obviously worried Rebecca isn't expressing her grief over losing their baby.

The next day, David shows up at Justin and Rebecca's excited to see her. Justin then finds out they never had dinner the night before. She lied to him, basically.

After Justin confronts her, she admits she has been going to a dance class. She tells him she doesn't think it's healthy to just express your feelings and mope.

She just wanted to get up and do something.

Justin visits her at the dance studio and Rebecca breaks down. She felt that going back to something she used to be good at would help and it hasn't.

Justin tells her healing will take time and she just has to have faith.

Kitty's campaign

The pressure of her campaign and campaign manager, Buffy, is starting to rile up Kitty. Kevin tells her that Robert has also become clingy. She asks Kevin to be understanding as Robert deals with the end of his term as senator.

But Kevin wants to quit as Robert's communication director!

At a press event at a gun club, it's clear that Kitty and Buffy are not getting along. After the event, Kitty fires her. Buffy makes it clear she won't be leaving.

Robert tells Kevin he's up for an important job. He can't tell him what it is, yet, but says there will be a position for him there. Kevin tells Robert he wants to move on, Robert is clearly hurt and basically pushes Kevin into resigning.

Buffy tells Kevin that Robert is only acting that way because they love each other. She realizes she loves Kitty and their friendship is more important.

Later, Robert asks Kevin to come back to the office. There, he surprises Kevin with a party in his honor and wishes him the best with his next move.

The Ojai mystery

Nora and Saul discuss why Dennis York wanted Holly's shares of Ojai Foods. They fear he does know something about the worth of the company.

Holly and Nora meet at Ojai to comb through William's files for anything that might tell them what Dennis knows. Nora says that a long time ago, William screwed over Dennis, landing Dennis in jail.

Holly looks into Dennis' records and finds that he filed a new company name when he thought she was selling him her shares. The new company is named after land William bought years before, Narrow Lake.

When Nora finds out, she remembers that William used to sing a song about Narrow Lake, but she doesn't know where it is.

She seemed more afraid of what Dennis' next move would be.

Sarah and Luc

Luc and Sarah waste little time picking up where they left off. But when Sarah brings up Luc's Visa expiring, though, he doesn't want to talk about it.

At dinner, Luc charms the family again. His visa comes up in conversation and it seems Kevin has looked into it and the government won't renew it.

Luc mentions that his art dealer, Ginny, has agreed to marry him, and Sarah gets jealous. Sarah says she won't marry Luc right now, even for a visa.

Luc finally admits that he only has four weeks until his visa expires.

Sarah arranges a meeting with Ginny and Luc to discuss getting married. Ginny's into it, but it would entail that they live together. Ginny has a live-in boyfriend who is okay with it as well.

With that information, Sarah agrees. Then, they announce that Ginny is leaving the next day for Mexico, so they would have to get married that day.

Sarah is obviously shaken by the timing and that she won't be able to attend. Nora pulls Kitty into the debate and Kitty thinks Sarah should just marry Luc.

After some back and forth, Sarah admits she loves Luc and decides that, yes, she should marry him. Can she catch him in time?

At City Hall, Kitty has a plaque the gun club gave her with a fake gun in her purse. It sets off the security sensors and Kitty, Nora and Sarah are detained.

When they finally get to Luc, they catch him just in time to stop the wedding.

But, Sarah and Luc decide not to get married in that moment ...

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