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Nora runs into a hospital room where Saul is sitting next to their sleeping mother, Ida.

Turns out she walked into traffic during a bout with dementia and she was hit, thankfully only hurting her ankle.

Nora, who gets pretty snarky around her mom, gets a lecture from Saul after she starts mocking her mom's hair.

After she wakes up, Saul and Nora try to get the details of her accident. All Ida wants to do is get out of the hospital.

Ida is a handful and Saul shows up as Nora is trying to help her get up the stairs. Saul joins Nora in the kitchen to talk to her about what she has gotten herself into.

Nora checks on Ida before running out to the store. She invites Ida to go with her, but the old lady doesn't want to miss her programs.

Kitty wakes Robert up, because she's freaking out over an article claiming she's too sick to serve as a senator.

Kevin calls Kitty and he needs advice, too. He's freaking out over Michelle's levels.

Back at home, Sarah is preparing to take a pregnancy test when Luc walks in. She goes to great lengths to keep him from discovering the test. When he starts getting all sexy on her, she stops him. He's confused.

Kitty is visiting with an associate to see if she can help find Robert a job. But when she mentions that Robert lost out on the national security-related gig due to scar tissue on his heart, the friend looks instantly shocked.

It's clear she's keeping something from her about the real reason.

Robert is meeting with some old guy at an airport hangar and finds out the man had blackballed him from getting the job. It seems like there's something the man wants Robert to do and it might jeopardize Kitty's senatorial run.

Robert turns down the man's offer.

Scotty comes in and he's not happy that Kevin is obsessing over Michelle's test results. Scotty sees an ad for a psychic and suggests that they go.

Back at their place, Scotty remains excited about the psychic's predictions and Kevin remains skeptical.

Rebecca and Justin are surveying the bounty of their wedding gifts and she mentions a bungalow she has been eyeing is for sale. He reminds her that they're broke.

He tells her that he just got an email saying one of his military buddies died and the funeral is the next day.

When Nora gets back from the store and finds a fire in her kitchen!

At dinner later, Ida's slight dementia comes to light when she tells Justin she's sorry that Bingo passed and he tells her that it happened 20 years ago.

Sarah excuses herself and Kitty follows her. Kitty begins to tell her about what she found out (or didn't find out) about Robert's job. Just then, Kevin enters and he has overheard Kitty talking about Robert's job.

As he's trying to get information out of Kitty, she lets it slip that Sarah may be pregnant. Cue Luc, who arrives just in time to overhear Kevin going nuts.

As the siblings all disperse to deal with their separate dramas.

Nora is overcome with emotion. She has realized that if she sends her mother to a nursing home, she may never have a close relationship with her like the one she has with Saul.

Saul corrects her, though. He says his relationship isn't close to Ida. He just doesn't fight her on everything like Nora does.

When Kitty gets home, she confronts Robert about the job. He tells her that powerful people intervened on his job prospect, because they want him to do something else for them.

He won't tell Nora what that something is, though. He thinks it's better that she doesn't know

When Sarah and Luc get home, she finally takes the pregnancy test. It's negative.

Then, Luc tells her that that he really loves her and he never thought he wanted kids until he found out she might be pregnant. And that's why the long distance thing will work - baby or not. Nice save, Luc!

The next day, as they're getting ready to leave, the doorbell rings and Luc comes back saying he won the green card lottery!

Scotty tells Kevin that psychic or not, if they find out Michelle isn't pregnant, it will still hurt. Then the phone rings and it's Michelle. She's pregnant!

Robert shows up at the funeral for Justin's friend.

When Justin gets back home, he goes to put away his suit and his eyes linger on his military uniform.

We then see Robert meeting the same guy from before at some kind of airfield and he tells the man that he's in on whatever plan they're up to.

Over at Nora's house, she's getting ready to bring Ida to the nursing home, but she walks in on her in the middle of an episode of dementia.

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