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Sarah and Luc are going to spend some time at Nora's place and they bring Cooper along.

It seems Copper has some trouble with Luc stepping into their lives and he's not shy about showing his dislike for Sarah's new beau.

Luc isn't happy that Sarah isn't doing more to punish Cooper for his bad behavior, so there seems to be some friction going on.

Also, Cooper is fascinated with the drilling Ojai is doing at Narrow Lake. The company is selling land at this point to continue, though they haven't found anything yet.

Saul and Scotty are talking about opening a restaurant together. It's clear that Kevin is feeling left out.

When he offers his services to look over their contracts, Scotty tells him that he hopes that he'll be busy with other things by then.

Robert's new gig involves catching someone named Stanton who is making a deal regarding national security, which will put a lot of money in his pocket.

Robert is to catch him cheating. The man wants Robert to go to a charity benefit Stanton is throwing the next day.

Kitty is trying to get endorsements from key figures and wants Robert's insight.

When they get off the phone, the man tells Robert that Kitty doesn't stand a chance with the Republican Right against her.

Robert tells his new boss that he should never underestimate Kitty.

Rebecca still has her sights set on buying that bungalow house she brought up in the last episode.

Justin decides to stay home and make a meal for the widow of his military friend. Rebecca senses something is wrong with him.

He's entertaining reenlisting into the military.

Rebecca has gone over to Holly's place to show her the pictures of the bungalow she has fallen in love with. Holly tells her she should take some of her money back from Ojai and place an offer on the house.

Then, Justin comes home and Rebecca has some news for him: She put down an offer on the house! He freaks out.

Kevin tells Sarah that the contracts look fine and now he's just biding time. Then, Robert arrives with the baby and he tells them about the tennis tournament the next day.

This is when we're introduced to Kevrah, the mixed doubles tennis legend that was Kevin and Sarah.

Sarah doesn't seem enthused by playing with Luc this time and breaking up Kev-rah, Kev-rah, Kev-rah.

On the day of the big tennis match, Team Kevrah is in full effect, while Robert meets Stanton in the country club's bar.

They were cordial, smiled and said things to each other just as they should, but there is underlying tension between the two.

Right before their match, Kevin tells Robert that he shouldn't be speaking to Stanton, because he's the enemy.

Robert tells him they just ran into each other. Uh, huh.

In the bleachers, Cooper isn't behaving and Nora tries everything to keep him still. When he starts to pretend shoot people, Sarah gets distracted.

Then, he gets his hands on some extra tennis balls and begins throwing them toward Luc. Then, Sarah tells Luc she can handle it and that he should basically butt out.

When Nora goes to get Justin to leave, he senses animosity and asks if she's mad at him. She says no, it's more like she's on to him.

Scotty arrives to find Kevin lying on the couch. He apologizes for not paying much attention to him lately. Kevin apologizes for acting like such a child.

In the end they realize Kevin is feeling anxious, because he doesn't know what his purpose is anymore.

Over at Nora's place, Sarah has a talk with Cooper about how he's treating Luc. He says he wants to be her partner, he says, and a role model to the kids.

Then Robert comes over and Nora asks him if Justin has said anything about wanting to return to war and he says yes.

She tells him that she doesn't want her son to go to war again, but Robert says that the pull on Justin may be too strong.

Back at their place, Kitty arrives home and tells Robert that she got the endorsements she was looking for.

Over at Justin's, it seems Nora's talk may have sunk in. When he arrives, he takes off his dog tags.

Then, Rebecca arrives and he tells her that he has been thinking about his time in the military and how he felt like he was part of a team. He then tells her that she's the only thing that works for him, but he wants to feel like part of something else, too.

The next day, Sarah finds her mother in the pantry, thinking. Nora tells Sarah that mothering never gets easy even when they're grown.

Sarah then shows her something that makes her feel better - Luc and Cooper bonding over practicing martial arts together.

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