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They're moving ahead with the surrogate and Kevin is nervous about Scotty's friend Michelle. Kevin busts out a contract and both Scotty and Michelle go nuts.

They make it up later and talk about Kevin's tactless way of springing it on Scotty and Michelle. Ultimately Scotty says Kevin was right to want to protect them.

They agree to find another surrogate but Kevin goes back to Michelle to beg her to reconsider and he explains that the signature on the contract makes him feel at least a little in control of not losing his child to someone.


Saul catches Ryan going through Holly's office. Ryan says he heard Holly taking off-the-books meetings and telling her secretary not to tell Saul or Sarah.

Later Ryan meets with Dennis York again, this time to give York Holly's financial records. York is apparently in the know about her investment going south.

Sarah supports Holly's cheap wine idea and gives Holly the green-light. Saul is still against it so Sarah and Saul want to oversee the project.

Holly is propositioned Dennis to buy her shares of Ojai for double what they're worth. She passes.


Sarah won't tell her kids about Luc yet. Kitty and Nora are used to him living with them, but someone else isn't. In a frightful Halloween-scare scene, Luc assails Tommy, who comes back to the house, thinking he was an intruder.

Tommy decides to drop back in on his family by sneaking into Nora's house in the middle of the night.

Zen Tommy seems to be totally fine with living on a commune, which is freaking everybody out.

It comes out that Julia has been dodging Nora's calls because she and Tommy are getting a divorce. Julia doesn't want Tommy in Elizabeth's life. Nora wants to help but Tommy wants to be left alone on it.

Of course, it all comes out during the Walker family dinner and Tommy rails against Nora's expectations. It's totally Nora's right to try to be in her granddaughter's life, Tommy's problems aside.

Nora talks to Kitty about how, growing up, she "gave Tommy away" to William because he was so close to his father and now that's what he's doing to Elizabeth.

Kitty uses her cancer-as-dragging-her-away-from-Evan to guilt-trip Tommy into fighting to be in Elizabeth's life.

Tommy leaves at the end of the episode and says he'll come back any time Kitty needs him. He and Nora have a moment when he reveals that he's headed to Seattle to try to be a father to Elizabeth. Oh yay. That's good.

Brothers & Sisters
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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I thought it was weird there was a random French guy staying in Grandma's house.


Kevin: Remember that summer I spent in Wahaca? I came back looking like I'd eaten an entire Backstreet Boy.
Scotty: I hope it wasn't Nick Carter, he's my favorite.