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Nora is trying to deal with donations being down at her cancer center but can't concentrate because Kitty wants to consider alternative medicine instead of chemo and she doesn't want anyone's help.

Nora ends up making a new "friend" named Simon Craig (Jon Tenney). He's a volunteer, a doctor and quite handsome. He takes her for a ride on his motorcycle.

He assures her that everyone threatens to quit chemo at some point but that almost everyone goes back. He says that she shouldn't quit chemo, but that belief in the power to change things might be just what she needs.


A right-wing nut job is entering the Republican primary for the Governor of California, and accuses Robert of being too liberal. Robert gives him a dressing down that is an all-timer, but caught on YouTube.

Robert is clearly stressed about Kitty and he is determined not to back down to this lunatic.

Nora calls in Sarah for reinforcements with Kitty, who goes after Kitty to talk about it. Kitty ran into a woman who had her type of Lymphoma and is now in complete remission after using the power of her mind.

Sarah helps Kitty get all dolled up for the Open Doors benefit. At the benefit, Kitty's hair starts to fall out and she starts to fall apart.

Nora follows her into the bathroom and Kitty cries. Sarah then busts her way in and sees Kitty's bald patch. They fix her hair and she and Robert go home. The next morning, she shaves her head.


Scotty's father stops by for a comic convention. He has to tell Scotty that his mother left him because they drifted apart. Scotty then tells his dad about the surrogacy and he's happy for them.

When Scotty and Kevin go to his dad's hotel to pick him up, they spy him chatting up a pretty blonde lady.

When Wally has to make an excuse to go upstairs, he has to confess that he's been seeing blonde lady for awhile. Her name is Moira.

That's why Scotty's mom left. Scotty storms off.

The next day, Scotty realizes that he doesn't care his father had an affair because he knew his mom was hard. He just wishes his dad had learned to care about himself sooner.

A package arrives, it's Wally's Captain America comic from the 1940s. It's very valuable and is to help Scotty and Kevin to help pay for the baby.


Rebecca has been in bed for a week with the flu ... or something.

Justin keeps trying to diagnose her but she says she's fine. Except she's all nauseous and her sense of smell is off. She's pregnant.

He doesn't know it, though. Right at the end, Justin apologizes for trying to diagnose Rebecca and says he can't imagine having a baby right now.

Which is Rebecca's cue to look at a pregnancy test.

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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Come on! Listen! Picking out feelings in yourself that match some cancer profile -- it's like looking at the horoscope in the comics page. You know, it fits anybody.


Justin: Do you want to know what Doctor Walker thinks?
Rebecca: No.
Justin: Come on, I'm taking clinical diagnosis. Let me try. Let me try! Alright. (touches her forehead) Uhmm, no fever. Could it be Ojai food poisoning? (Rebecca snickers) or idiopathic wedding planitis.