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Nora and Sarah fly out to Washington DC to "surprise" Evan for his birthday, but what they're really after is the truth behind Kitty's extended trip to the east coast.

Truth is she had a health scare and there was a bone marrow issue that she's got squared away now. Still, the family helps her open up about worst case scenarios.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty are thrilled to have officially signed the papers to be Olivia's parents, but the excitement quickly fades when Olivia seems a little nervous about moving in and starting a new life together.

Stricken by PTSD and nightmares about saving his own family from distress, Justin channels his energy into helping a homeless vet.

Paige is asked to a dance by a boy she really likes. She needs 50 bucks, but Luc won’t give it to her. It was for a bra. They get revenge on the boy who breaks their date right beforehand by egging the kid's house.

Brothers & Sisters
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